Kamis, 22 Januari 2015

Tips shrink stomach

Many tips shrink stomach that has been done, but the result was less satisfactory. This can be due to a variety of things, for example, less konsistennya us in running the program shrink this belly. The Stomach can shrink the tip is still considered too hard to do so in a half-hearted, it causes the progam shrink stomach became less satisfactory.

Here are some tips to shrink a simple stomach that can be attempted.

Diligent and konsistenlah in the exercise, a lot of research that says exercise is moderate to high intensity can prevent and reduce fat on stomach.

According to the research of the body require 30-35 percent of fiber from food consumed. The number of fibers that sufficient especially dissolved fibers help in waging the digestive system and reduce fat in the belly. Sources of soluble fiber can be obtained from beans, edamame, fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and kedelei protein without the fat.

Fruit and vegetable
Consumption of fruits and vegetables is very good for helping to shrink the stomach. the content of vitamins, minerals and fiber of course on a fruit and vegetable is very beneficial for the body. Lancarnya the digestive system is very good for preventing stomach be protruding. There are many nutritious fruit to shrink the stomach, including blueberry, grape, Orange, lemon, kiwi.

White Water
White water is highly recommended in health, at least 8 glasses of water a day is good for health. White water has a function to remove toxins and keep the metabolism of the body stay healthy. Drink 1-2 glasses of plain water before eating will cause a sense of satiety in advance, so that consumption is eating less.

The Pattern Of Healthy Living
The pattern of healthy living is the most important factor in the diet or shrink the stomach can be successful. Such unhealthy life pattern often staying up, consumption of alcohol, unhealthy mengemil are the things that can make a diet will not succeed and certainly not good for the health of the body.

That's a few simple tips that can be tried to shrink the stomach, good luck.

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